past & current writing projects


A supernatural crime dark comedy written by Nick Brooks and myself, and produced by Evan Honer and Jason McCracken. Currently in competition in the Sundance New Voice Lab contest (12/4/18).

While an FBI agent with PTSD investigates a disappearance in the quirky supernatural small town of Ambrosia, CA, she gets entangled with a nearly completed century old curse and must help them complete it or they stay cursed forever.


An original comedic TV show. Beelzebub, "Bub," leader of Hell, and his family are forced to leave Hell and ineptly adapt to life in LA after Hades executes a coup against Bub in Hell.

Hot lunch

A female buddy comedy. As their lives are falling apart, two best friends get jobs together as lunch ladies where they try to prove to everyone - and themselves - they can do great things.